Date of Upload: 23rd February, 2018

Orientation Programme at Prangan

A parent is a teacher at home and a teacher is a parent in school”. This thought has echoed in all the initiatives undertaken by TSVS to ensure that happy learning environment becomes the bedrock of school education. An Orientation Programme was organized on 23rd February 2018 where parents of Grade II as well as the parents of new admission to Prangan were welcomed to the session 2018-19. The intention was to familiarize and involve parents as partners in progress by taking them through the curriculum, rules and regulations of the school, teaching methodologies and the co-curricular activities. Dr. Amlan K Saha, Principal, TSVS started the programme welcoming all parents to the 13th Orientation Day. The School Director Ms. Jyoti Agarwal shared school ethos, its journey so far, new initiatives and some school policies. She shared some effective parenting tips too. The Head of Prangan, Ms. Manpreet Bhan addressed the gathering and explained the functioning ideologies of Prangan which was followed by a classroom room session with the teachers of the block.