Date of Upload: 12th February, 2018

Visit To Aasra, an Old Age Home

The students of the newly promoted Grade XII continued with the tradition of visiting an old age home just before the beginning of the academic session. On the 10th February 2018, the students made a trip to ‘AASRA’, an old-age home, to spend the day with the residents and seek their blessings before embarking on this most crucial year in their school life. The students interacted with the ‘dadas’ and ‘dadis’ and heard their stories over a breakfast that the students served them. Sitting underneath a large tree in the verandah, the students actively heard life lessons as well as life stories by the young at heart veterans. The students also presented dances and songs and encouraged them to do the same. The students distributed blankets & toiletries and received bountiful blessings for a long and healthy life.

Visit to AASRA Hindi Report