Date of Upload: 6th February, 2018

Public Speaking Exercises at Prangan

The Language Arts curriculum of Prangan is rounded out by giving the students many opportunities to practice Public Speaking. In small groups, large groups, in formal settings and friendly discussions; students learn and practice public speaking etiquette as well as learn the importance of being a careful listener in the classrooms. But to enforce the above and take this to another level Prangan initiated Public Speaking Assembly slot this year where every child got a chance to do Public Speaking before their grades. It was not only about being a good speaker but also about being a good listener. This mixture of speaking and listening to various speakers and topics brought in great confidence in our children. A record number of 691 students participated who got a turn twice to present their speech in the special Public Speaking Assembly over the year. Children delivered speeches on a variety of thought-provoking, humorous, motivating topics with an incredible level of style and perfection.

Click here to explore the various topics that were spoken and heard by Prangan students from Grade 2 to 5.