Date of Upload: 22nd January, 2018

Sound Healing Brainwave Entrainment Workshop for Sopaan


An hour of relaxation from studies and of healing from exam stress are what the students from Sopaan experienced on 15th January 2018, in the first ever Sound Healing Brainwave Entrainment Workshop in Bhopal by Mrs. Aarti Sinha, a mystic professional sound healer from The Wizard of Sound Healing Clinic, Bhopal.  Mrs. Sinha is the first woman professional, who uses the Gong as part of the relaxation. Inciting students for the session, Ms. Aarti said, “The Sound Energy rejuvenates the mystical power of mind, is an effective healer of stress disorders and creates a deep sense of peace and well-being. Thus, the pinnacle of success is deeply rooted in our physical and emotional personality.”  The session continued for an hour with the four basic elements of sound healing process: Awareness, Concentration, Non-reaction and Wise attention. Around 180 students took part in the session.