Date of Upload: 10th January, 2018

A tryst with heritage at Sanchi

As part of ISA Action plan – International Heritage Walk, the students of Grade VI went for a visit to the Sanchi Stupas on Saturday, 6th January 2018. The students embarked on this short trip and enjoyed the ride as they crossed the Tropic of Cancer. Upon reaching Sanchi, they were divided into two separate groups each headed by a guide who took them around the fascinating stupas and briefed them about the glorious history, the excavation, architectural details along with the gateways consisting of the pillars which had carvings depicting the jatakas, life of Gautama Buddha, events in the subsequent history of Buddhism, symbolic representations of the predecessors of Gautama Buddha and lots more. The students carefully penned down the information being shared and finally bid adieu to the place. The trip was surely a rich learning experience for the students.