Date of Upload: 11th December, 2017

Thought-provoking Assembly on Women Empowerment by Class XI

The students of class XI Humanities put up an eclectic and enlightening presentation on the topic “Women Empowerment” during their assembly on 8th December 2017. The Assembly began with a heartfelt prayer, which was followed by a realistic yet harrowing presentation depicting the unfortunate truth of a girl was harassed on the street. A chilling scream struck silence in the hall. In the quiet that followed, a poem was recited, which created a poignant and impactful moment in the hall. Asking though provoking questions, an expressive contemporary dance and videos traced a scathing sarcastic double standard of society regarding genders and the current situation of women.They concluded with a speech presenting a positive outlook on feminism and how it is a common misconception that feminism stands against men.