Date of Upload: 24th February, 2017

Sanskaar Vidhya Niketan Assembly Kg II Importance of InterdependenceŁ

An assembly was conducted by the children of Kg II on the theme of “Importance of Interdependence” through the story of “Ungliyon ki ladai”. In this storyall the four fingers of a hand fight with one another and show their importance. Towards the end, the thumb says that you all are useless unless I am used with you to perform most of the tasks, but similarly I can also not work alone without your help.

So through this story children tried to give the message that we are all dependent on one another and by cooperating with one another we can achieve our target and can be more fruitful and successful.

The children were in the characters of the story and dressed accordingly. They conveyed the message successfully. The children of the whole SVN enjoyed a lot.