Date of Upload: 27th November, 2017

Final Cut- Movie making competition for Grade IV

Watching movie is fun and making movie is even more exciting as one can pour out his/her thoughts, emotions and viewpoints in their creation. Keeping this thought in mind, Movie Making Competition was organised for the students of Grade IV from 13th – 17th November 2017. This competition gave them insight into the basic process of movie making and instilled in them the much-required confidence to express their views on any topic. The student made movies on topics such as Bhopal - a paradise on earth, Smart phones have made our life smarter, save our rivers for future, Bhopal - City of lakes, A story of my life (a small teaser on child’s life) and Trees are our life line. Click on the links to watch a few movies created by the students.

Result for Final Cut- Movie Making Competition

Name Grade Position
Priyal Kapoor IV A I
Ishita Kumar IV A II
Ansh Goyal IV A III
Lakshya Manghnani IV B I
Karnika Verma IV B II
Om Choudhary IV B III
Dhruv Manshani IV C I
Kanav Modi IV C II
Atharva Dev Singh IV C III
Eaanya Nirvikar IV D I
Janhavi Mishra IV D II
Shubh Mittal IV D III
Gopal Tulsyan IV E I
Pari Kundwani IV E II
Priyanshi Jha IV E III
Pranav Sharma IV F I
Raghav Maheshwari IV F II
Suyash Dixit IV F III

Priyal Kapoor - IV A (Bhopal – a paradise on earth)

Lakshay Manghnani - IV B (Smart phones have made our life smarter)


Dhruv Manshani- IV C (Save our Rivers for future)

Eaanya Nirvikar- IV D (Bhopal-The City of lakes)


Gopal Tulsyan- IV E -A story of my life (a small teaser on child’s life)

Pranav Sharma- IV F (Trees are our life line)