Date of Upload: 17th March, 2023

Handwriting Workshop and Competition- Twirl & Swirl of the Letters

‘Handwriting is more connected to the movement of the heart.’

Beautiful handwriting is one which makes our voice louder than words and it powerfully and clearly conveys the message to the readers. This was displayed beautifully by the students of Grades II to V, when they participated in the English Handwriting Competition held on the 16th of March 2023. The topic chosen was ‘The International Day of Action for Rivers’ which was based on the theme of the month ‘Biodiversity and Conservation’. Prior to the competition, a workshop was conducted on 14th March 2023 where students learnt about the basic rules for a good handwriting.

It was an excellent opportunity for the students to learn to use twirl and swirl of the letters to put more impact on the readers and communicate their thoughts in a more effective way. It helped them to learn varied techniques of letter formation. 

The students enthralled their teachers and friends with their writing skills while participating in the competition.