Date of Upload: 9th March, 2023

Prangan's Got Talent

'Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to showcase it'.

 A talent show provides students an opportunity to show case their talent in any field. It not only helps the participants to show their abilities but also motivates other students, to come up front and show their secret potential. Young children have an ocean of hidden talent amongst them and we at The Sanskaar Valley School believe in letting our budding enthusiasts come forward and shine.

This activity was conducted on 3rd and 9th March to give enough time to each student. They spoke confidently displaying their story- telling skills, danced gracefully to good music and sang melodiously. The talented dancers got our feet tapping and the solo singers made us wish we were singers too. Some used hula hoops for their performances, some narrated stories or recited rhymes while some young magicians stole the hearts with their cool magic tricks. Now that’s a lot of talent under one roof! We as teachers are immensely proud of all the participants and grateful to parents to support them. This talent show indeed proved to be a wonderful platform for the students to discover their hidden talents. All students actively participated in the event and have shown their enthusiasm and dedication in their efforts.