Date of Upload: 6th March, 2023

Welcome Activities – Science

Learning by doing is fun, and encourages growth and development. Let us do it! Science is a combination of practical and theoretical application. We commenced our new academic session 2023-24 for students of Grades II-V with great excitement and enthusiasm. The session started with some fascinating activities conducted by the teachers. 

The following topics were introduced grade wise: -  

Grade II 

‘I am unique, I am special, I am ME’!

Students wrote about their favourites, about their friend’s favourites and then found out common favourites. This symbolized that we are all similar yet different in many ways. This makes us Unique. Students as well the teachers marked their finger impressions in the EVS notebooks and observed the difference.  

Grade III

Students brought the picture of their favourite toy and pasted it along with their picture in the notebook and gave the differences between living and non- living organisms. 

Grade IV

‘Kids Special Menu'

Food activities for students have the power to create autonomy, build skills and help them move past obstacles like picky eating. Keeping this in mind ‘Kids Special Menu’ activity was conducted in Grade IV to introduce the topic- Food we Eat.

Students observed that switching to healthy eating habits will have profound effect on their health and help them to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Grade V

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.

Class was divided into 3 groups and each group had their specific roles. First group were thrilled to play 'Tug Of War' for the recap of the concept of 'Push and Pull'. Group two gave examples of push and pull from their day to day activities meanwhile the third group gave examples of 'Types of forces' they had learnt in their previous classes. This way the concept of 'Work and Energy' was introduced in a fun filled and interactive way.