Date of Upload: 1st March, 2023

Welcome Day

We are happy you are all here!

Pranganites were welcomed back with a bang. To add a rhythm to their new beginning, a Music Fiesta was organized in the courtyard.

As a part of the Welcome Day, a hand impression activity across all grades was conducted wherein the teachers and the students together imprinted vibrant colours on the sheetwith a special message that each child is sunshine for his/her teacher followed by a game. Studentswere actively engrossed in the Bingo Game that shadowed their individual preferences. A buddy system pairs students in new class and asks them to support one another with specific tasks or skills thus a buddy was assigned to all the new students of prangan.

The aim behind this celebrationwas to give endurance to the students that they are special and are loved as each flower adds to make a beautiful bouquet.