Date of Upload: 17th January, 2023

Revisiting the Past

The first session of History Lab was the ‘History Symposium’ hosted by The Cadet College Hasanabda, Pakistan. Participating schools were from the South East Asian countries. The topic given was ‘International History’. 

The second session of the history lab was hosted by the Shri Ram School Aravalli on the topic, ‘Ancient Architectural Marvels’. The session began with the students of the host school enlightening us about the temple town of Mahabalipuram. This was followed by presentations from all the participating schools on their local architectural marvels. TSVS spoke about the Sanchi stupa and unknown facts associated with the historic marvel. Relics, stupas and the jataka tales associated with Buddhism were shared. We also answered questions put to us by the participants.

The third session was hosted by King’s Academy Jordan on the topic ‘Trade Cities (as Caravan Centres/Crossroads)’ which took us through different timelines exploring various unknown aspects. It was an extremely interactive and enlightening session. Our school spoke on “The Sunken City of Dwarka” – A concept with thoroughly relates with the topic as well as dwells upon the mysterious legend connected with the divine heritage of the Indian Culture. The geographic aspect of Dwarka and its significance in trade routes highlighting the cities that connected the Dwarka port to the seas that were the key to foreign trades was explained. The mysterious story of Dwarka according to Legends that tells us about the curse with respect to mythology which is said to be the reason for Dwarka being lost underwater today. Scientific information behind Dwarka being submerged underwater today followed by an open-ended question for the audience to ponder upon were shared. There was a brain storming question and answer session where Nipra answered a question impromptu explained why the Nation should be prioritized before the National thus validating global respect for the subject History.

The fourth session was hosted by The Cadet College Pakistan. The topic was ‘Ancient cities and their vibrant cultures’. They discussed the urban planning in the Indus Valley Civilization. TSVS presented ‘Kalinga’. Kalinga had no ruler as it was a Constitutional Republic. It had important ports and geographically sound for trade routes. Hence Ashoka the great wanted it to be a part of the great Mauryan Empire leading to the famous Kalinga War.

The online sessions for History Lab are interactive and informative. It is a global platform for discussions on historical events, post research. The slides prepared by the students are creative and reflect their efforts and fascination for the subject.