Date of Upload: 13th December, 2022

Art Competition - Shikhar

“Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas themselves and to explore what is possible”

An Art competition was organized to bring out students’ creative expression and artistic skills of students.

The Art competition was conducted on 16th December for Grade 9 in the pleasant weather of the winter season under the shining sun and soothing breezes at Kalanjali. The theme of the competition was “World around me”. The objective of conducting such competitions is to allow students to showcase their natural talent in sketching, illustration and imagination. It is a platform where the child can display their artistic abilities.

Students poured out the colours of their dreams and imaginations on the sheets. It was an amazing experience for students to be a part of it as it instilled a love for art. The astounding response from the students was seen and they were excited to indulge in such artistic activities in near future.