Date of Upload: 1st December, 2022

History Lab

The first session of the History Lab, a Round Square initiative was hosted by 

The Shri Ram School Aravali Gurgaon on the topic, Ancient Architectural Marvels. The online session began with the host school enlightening us about the temple town of Mahabalipuram. This was followed by presentations from all the participating schools on their local architectural marvels. The Sanskaar Valley School spoke about the Sanchi stupa. The team highlighted the significance of the hemispherical dome, the animal carvings on the Gateways at the cardinal points. They also enlightened the audience about the relics of Buddha particularly the ashes which are housed in the stupa number 1. 

Team 1: Aryaman Dutt, Ishaan Srivastava, Hrida Joshi, Diya Juneja, Atharv Raj and Praneel Maheshwari.

History Lab