Date of Upload: 26th November, 2022

Math Week

“Doing mathematics should always mean finding patterns and crafting beautiful and meaningful explanations”. 

Prangan students celebrated Math Week from 21stto 25th November, 2022 to appreciate the beauty of mathematics through various activities and understood that Math is the ‘super power’ that everyone can possess.

The Enrichment Time throughout the week helped students to do different activities like Coin-Caterpillar, Minute-Flower Clock, Scoop of Happiness, My Donut Store, Animal Bookmark, Addition Game and Decimal Bug. These activities truly enriched their mathematical understanding as well as enhanced their logical thinking. 

The ‘Question of the Day’ gave all students a chance to attempt tricky and intelligent question every day. Students were excited to unveil one letter each day which formed ‘SHAKUNTALA’ as the week concluded. The winner from each Grade was appreciated. 

The Math Assembly explained to the students how numbers are important in our day – to- day life. A student who was in the numberless world experienced lots of chaos and then a fairy removed his confusion by providing him with numbers. The audience enjoyed the skit and the beautiful dance by the ‘numbers’. 

It was a thrilling experience for Grade 2 and 3 students to take part in the Math race. They were excited to solve the Math questions and run to the finishing line.

Grade 4 and 5 students got an opportunity to participate in the Math Wizard- Math Quiz which helped to assess the mathematical skills, proficiency, and aptitude of the students who were divided into six teams. The students answered challenging as well as logical mathematical questions in the quiz with great energy.

Overall, the Math week celebrations helped the students to realise that "Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth but supreme beauty".