Date of Upload: 21st November, 2022

Nukkad Natak

The students of Round Square clubSopaan of The Sanskaar Valley School presented an eye-opening and soul searching nukkadnatak on thenecessary Life-skills for an individual.

Theideals of Round Square aims at nurturing students by developing a personal compassof life skills such as equality , fairness , justice, self-discipline, responsibility  and a desire to do what IS RIGHT FOR THE GREATER GOOD. It alsooffers and design programs which is based on the pillars of Internationalism, Democracy, Adventure, Environmentalism, Leadership and Service. Through this presentation, the message delivered was the necessity of life skills such as Respect, honesty, wisdom, patience self-awareness and creative thinking.The students further elaborated on the importance of priorities and giving one's best efforts to accomplish eachgoals.The presentation captured the attention of each one present there.