Date of Upload: 21st November, 2022

Word Power

Word Power is here again!

The teachers of English are ready with their reign!

They wondered will their students be

caught in the spelling web,

Will their strength and power ebb?

They were a little scared!

The teachers said, ‘why sweat’,

Just don’t fret!

It is all a learning game,

All is fair as long as; learning is our aim!

Is your head spinning? So is ours. Learning Spellings is not a child’s play. Yet spellings must be learnt when we are little children. To make learning spellings fun and to reward our good spellers we conductedWord Power.

Word Power competition has always received an overwhelming response from students in Prangan. After rigorous spelling practice sessions, and the compulsory Preliminary selection round the best four most talented spellers of each section of grades four and five were selected to challenge their spelling abilities in the final round of Word Power.

The competition not only tests the spellings but also targets at the speed, precision, and the self-confidence of each child. 

The ‘Word Power’ competition was held on 18th of November 2022. Prangan was on the countdown to experience the competition ever since Friday morning. The participants were smartly dressed in formals and had a pinch of nervousness. 

The thrill was maintained throughout the quizzing session. Even the audience watched in awe as the young enthusiasts braved the challenging rounds one after the other. 

Our esteemed tabulators were Ms. ArunaPunekar, the English Coordinator and Ms. Aisha Khan, the English teacher.

A round of spelling question was bounced on to the audience who were appreciated with treats. 

The drum rolled in our heads when the winners were announced. The winners were ‘Punctuators’ at Third Position, ‘The Alphabetizers’ at theSecond Position and finally our proud winners were ‘The Word Nerds’.

The clapping didn’t end till the winners and runner upswere felicitated with crowns, along with the sash. The English department was proud of the performance showcased. Overall, the audience and the participants had a wonderful swim in the ocean of words. Surely, we inspired many sparkling fireflies to own the winner’s title for the next competition.

Indeed, a marvelous performance!