Date of Upload: 9th November, 2022

Grade-4 Dance presentation

The Dance department had organized a dance presentation for Grade 4 , the objective was to showcase the skills learnt by students during their classes and to increase their confidence on stage.

On ‘Motivational’ theme ,the students of Grade 4 performed the dance on songs Shabashiyaan, Soorma, Besabriyaan, Challa and Kuch Parvat hilaayein. The students reflected on the learnings from their dance classes with a wide variety of dance skills like hip hop, contemporary and freestyle, dance moves with props, the elements of dance-floor work, footwork, and use of floor on stage. The performances rolled out the learning that “we are one and we all will contribute to the pride of the country”

The students learnt to work together with team spirit and harmony, keeping  unity in mind.  The costume of the dancers was eye-catching and enthralled the audience. The performances were breath-taking and totally charged up  the auditorium