Date of Upload: 2nd November, 2022

Arushi Visit - Joy Of Giving


We the students of Junior Council and Round Square Club visited Aarushi - a place for specially abled kids. To our surprise, It coincided with their Diwali celebrations. Together we lit sparklers and enjoyed the festivities with us. We gifted the kids some goodie bags prepared by the students of Sopaan- two bags from each class.

Our perspective on the world has changed because of this visit. We got to know how fortunate we are to be privileged with a loving family, and everything we wish for. Those little things which we leave unnoticed make them happy, while we still complain.  As they say, "When God takes away something, he gives a special power to that person as well". We met an extremely talented girl named Roshni who was unfortunately blind but her voice was so pleasant. She sang extremely well.

The kids' enthusiasm and happiness about everything inspired us to maintain our positive outlook towards life.