Date of Upload: 29th October, 2022

IPSC Music Fest 2022 Daly College Indore -

The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal participated in IPSC Fest 2022 Hosted by Daly college Indore, where the deemed schools of INDIA like Doon School, Mayo College, Welham Boys & Scindia, etc participated in the same. The Host School offered 9 competitions in the fest which were both Indian and Western Oriented like Indian Classical vocal solo, Indian semi-classical solo, Indian instrumental solo, Indian group songs, Indian Orchestra, Western vocal solo, western instrumental solo, western choir, western orchestra.

And yes! The Sanskaar Valley School received the accolades of outstanding performances by its talented students, As Rahil Sanjeev of Grade XII attained outstanding performance with his mesmerizing and well-trained voice in Indian Classical vocal solo & Indian semi-classical solo categories, in the same line as Pranav Kumar of grade 10th performed on guitar with advance guitar techniques and secured the outstanding position in Western instrumental Solo performance. On the other side the group of Aashita Bhimte, Swasti Raghuwanshi, Ishanya Jain, Ipshita Chauhan, Tessa Rose Pullemplavil, Kuhika Sarkar, Sambodhi Gautam, Ridhima Gohiya, Suhani Simhal, Rahil Sanjeev, Shambhavi Soni, and Suhaani Gautam in Indian group song and Western Choir.

Students had good practice sessions with Music Department during the special practice schedules and Stay-backs in which they had fun and learning experience at the same time. Performances were very nicely presented and got a huge appreciation from various schools affirming that kids have a good sense of music and are very sensitive towards stage discipline. Students were given special training in Vocal Harmony and Instrumental parts. These parts are taught to sound more accurate and focused on the ethics to stage western and Indian music performances.

This trip to Daly College Indore was a real success and students got good exposure by participating in an All-India IPSC event. It also led to a massive boost up in their morale as the participants are given a national-level certificate for the same.

Teachers escorting the team were Mr Ankit Isaac Peters, Mr Tarun Rao and Ms Snigdha Sarkar from Music Department.