Date of Upload: 20th October, 2022

Special Assembly - Grade 3B

“One child, one teacher, one pen, and one book can change the world.”

Literacy and spreading the light of education have always been the vision of the school and these values are instilled in our students from an early age. Literacy gives us knowledge that leads to growth, development, and prosperity not just of the literates but of the entire society. Above all it gives us joy!!!!

Celebrating this joy, the students of Grade 3B presented a special assembly on IMPORTANCE OF LITERACY. They beautifully sang, danced, and enacted, all to let their little audience know that ‘literacy’ is an essential skill to possess, for a smooth, enhanced, and informed life.  

The assembly commenced with the school song, followed by the prayers, thought for the day, and news reading. Students highlighted the power of education through a wonderful drama presentation which highlighted that how education can be the weapon   against all the evils in the society and bring the desired change. The assembly ended with the message of eco-friendly Diwali wishes.