Date of Upload: 17th October, 2022

Mis- Match Day

“Fashion is the only game you can win by breaking the rules”.

Keeping this in mind “Mismatch Day was organized in The Sanskaar valley School in Prangan on 7th of October.

Mismatch Day gives a chance to make creative clothing choices. Children wore their wackiest outfit on this day. The aim was to enable them to understand the concept of proper dressing as per the occasion. They were very excited and came dressed up in creative and innovative way. The cherry on the cake was a ramp walk which was organized within the classroom where the students showcased their costumes and the story behind it. Miss-Mis-Match and Mr-Mis-Match titles were won by two students from each section. To add more more fun to it, teachers of Prangan also participated in the event with zeal and enthusiasm. Children were dazzled to see their teachers in the mis- matched costumes. Last but not the least this wonderful day ended with a dance party. Children enjoyed dancing on peppy songs.