Date of Upload: 17th October, 2022

Ad-Mad Show

“Competition, activities and events forces us to do our best.”

Advertising is a method used to attract other’s attention. To acquaint students with promotional strategies and bring in their best creativity, an Ad Mad Show was organized for the students of Grades IV and V. The Ad Mad Show was an opportunity to bring out individual talent and collaboration skills  of the students participating, and to provide them with a platform to explore their creativity , work on their stage presence and lastly helped them  developing  the art to work in teams.

The competition expected students to be equipped with the knowledge of Ad-making and its execution in front of a live audience. Participants were supposed to present an Ad that had the essentials of a good Advertisement, i.e. clarity, originality, thought provoking, creativity, appeal, and simplicity.

The students participated with a lot of enthusiasm. The event helped the students enhance their skills in expression, voice modulation and dialogue delivery. Most of the students came up with unique ideas and well-written scripts of the advertisements. It was an excellent learning experience.