Date of Upload: 30th September, 2022

Workshop on Good Touch Bad Touch For Grade IV

Sensitizing children about various issues and about good (Safe) touch bad (Unsafe) touch, makes them emotionally strong and helps them to grow normally. As a strong step towards making our children safe The Sanskaar Valley School conducted a workshop for the students of Grade IV on Good and Bad Touch on 28th of September.

The workshop was conducted by the members of Young Indians (YI) Bhopal group with the objective of spreading awareness and educating children about good and bad touch, at a time when child abuse exists as dark reality in society today. 

Taking responsibility to sensitize and equip the children, so that they can handle the ‘not so positive events’ in life in a better way, the goal of the interaction was to inform them about potentially dangerous situations, without causing any anxiety. Such sessions help children become aware and confident.