Date of Upload: 30th September, 2022

Garba Workshop

Celebration is a kind of food we all need in our lives, and each individual brings a special recipe or offering, so that together we can make a

great feast.  Celebration is a human need that we must not, and can not, deny.  It is richer and fuller when many work and then celebrate together. As Navratri celebration   is incomplete  without  Garba and Dandiya , students of Grades II to V were trained with the basic steps of Garba. This was done to create the ambiance and atmosphere of the festival and to amplify the spirit of students. This  workshop was conducted  on 28th September 2022 in our Umang Hall. More than 5 trainers from Abhivyakti  trained the students and the teachers as well. Students along with teachers danced to the beats and tune of ‘Garba’  with excitement. Even the non-dancers tried their level best. It was a pleasing and enjoyable sight. Everyone had fun and liveliness was sparked.