Date of Upload: 17th September, 2022

Assembly By Grade V-E (Mobile Mania)

As mobile phones have invaded our lives, so it is essential and taken for granted that it’s hard to imagine our lives without them. Students are routinely described as being glued to their mobile phones. Everyone it seems, including children of every age and status, owns a mobile phone nowadays therefore to generate awareness about the boons and banes of mobile phones the students of class 5E conducted an assembly, Mobile Mania . Through their performance the students highlighted the most advanced and effective communication device in this century which is the Mobile phone. Children are the more noticeable group as they are using cell phones of all types. The assembly depicted the adverse effects of social media and mobile and how we should limit our phone usage. 

The assembly began with a skit where students compared life before and after mobile phones. A group of students enacted the different applications that are mostly being used by children these days and how they are damaging our mental health and emphasized on the well-known fact of being overused. The dance performance  accentuated how children get trapped into the weblike social media. Children also enacted some reels to show the craziness in people about making and uploading them. The students recited a poem ‘Smart Phones & Dumb Users’ requesting student & parents to attend to them and not stay engrossed into their phone. Before the assembly concluded, Students reinforced the ill effects of over usage of mobile phones and explained why we shouldn’t use mobile phones too much. They also brought to light that mobile phones emit shockwave radioactive radiation that affects their body in various manners. The prayer in the end summed up the assembly by asking God to help us get rid of this addiction.

It was a short, sweet, witty and informative assembly which was loved by all.