Date of Upload: 29th August, 2022

A Workshop on Good Touch Bad Touch

Sensitizing children about various issues and about good (Safe) touch bad (Unsafe) touch, makes them emotionally strong and helps them to grow normally. It helps them handle “not so positive events” in life in a better way so that it does not impact their growth and personality. On 26th August, 2022 Good Touch-Bad Touch Workshop was conducted in association with the Young Indians (YI) Group and their representative volunteers for Grade II. In Grade III the same was done with the help of school counsellors Ms. Nikita  and Ms. Mradula. As part of YI initiative of ‘Project Masoom’, the workshop started with a preview of a captivating movie ‘Komal’, prepared by Child Line which was followed by discussions. The Child Line number 1098 was also shared with the students. These workshops are conducted with an idea of let’s join hands to make this world a better and safer place for our young generation.