Date of Upload: 27th August, 2022

Tricolour - Leaf Print Craft Activity

Others might have forgotten; But never can I,

May the Tricolour of my country; Furl very high!

Wednesday, August 17th, was a colourful sparkling day when the students from Grade II to V enjoyed yet another activity on ‘Independence Day’ with their friends and teachers.

During the activity, it was a treat to watch all the students as they participated with full fervour and presented their work which was simply outstanding. Students displayed their beautiful creations of ‘Leaf print craft art’ using the tricolours of the National flag of India. They also wrote a patriotic paragraph in beautiful handwriting as a part of the handwriting activity and decorated it using the three colours of the Indian flag. 

It was a wonderful activity where students got a chance to learn about the significance of the three colours of our National flag ‘Tiranga’ and how to use them to create something new and amazing. With the help of this activity, the students became more confident as they got an opportunity to represent their imagination.