Date of Upload: 5th August, 2022

English Debate

"In all debates, let truth be thy aim, not victory, or an unjust interest.” The Sanskaar English Debate rhapsodized with this famous saying as it saw the participation of 16 debaters from classes IX - XII (Shikhar) acknowledging the prominence of debate and its true ethos. 

The event was organised for Shikhar students at The Sanskaar Valley School on Friday 29th July 2022 for Junior (Classes IX and X) and Senior categories (Classes XI and XII) with the intent of providing the students with a platform wherefore they could voice their thoughts on stimulating topics.

 The event was held to polish the spoken abilities of the students and to make them not only good speakers but also observant and responsible citizens who have an opinion and awareness about the issues of local and global concern. All the participants displayed great wit and confidence as they expressed their views ‘For’ and ‘Against’ the gripping topics. Their speeches revealed their knowledge as well as their gift of gab. 

The event was a great success and taught the participants as well as the audience that words are free, but it is how you use them that will cost you or win you acclaim.

The participants were judged based on the content, relevance to the topic, fluency of language, oratory skills and answering the rebuttal.

The students spoke with gusto and enthusiasm and succeeded in impressing the judges. The two judges Ms. Vandana Malviya (English faculty and Language Trainer) and Ms. Ekta Sareen (English Faculty and Language Trainer) were pleased to see the immense talent and impressive speeches of the participants.

The topics and results of the competition are as under:  

Category ‘A’ (Classes IX-X): 

Topic: “Discipline can coexist with progressive education.”


1st Best Speaker Anadya Verma X-IG
2nd Best Speaker Shubh Jain X-IG
3rd Best Speaker Aashna Singh IX-A


 Category ‘B’ (Classes XI-XII): 

Topic: “Developing character and an ethical mindset should be more important than sports in school.”


1st Best Speaker Dhruv Gupta    XII-S
2nd Best Speaker Ananya Singh     XI-S
3rd Best Speaker Ananya Anand  XI-CB





Urmila Yadav
Department of English