Date of Upload: 3rd August, 2022

Assembly by Grade XI - CA

It was a very unique and thoughtful idea of presenting the whole stage as a TV channel named "TSVS TV"

it began with the commencement of the news, in between the news commercial advertisements were added  so that the environment and the vibe stays witty , energetic and for the audience and to pay their utmost attention. 

The class presented the skit on the topic procrastination where a  young girl was avoiding all her work because she was  continuously procrastinating . 

In this skit  procrastination was portrayed as a person  who took away The mind of the girl from all her work by distracting her and at the end of the day becoming a part of the problems of the her life . 

The skit had a very happy ending as the girl understood that procrastination is going to lead her nowhere and she dealt with all the procrastination and made sure that she never delays her work. 

It was a short sweet witty and informative assembly which, was loved by all.