Date of Upload: 27th July, 2022

Solo Singing Competition(Prangan)

“Music can change the world”

The solo singing competition -: “The Voice” was conducted by the TSVS Music department to bring out the singing talent of the students.

The Solo singingcompetition was held on 22nd July for Grade 4 & 5 and the theme of the competition was “Sky is the limit” and it could be in English or Hindi. The objective of this competition was to encourage the passion for singing among the students and to provide a platform to showcase their talent and gain stage experience in a safe environment.

The participants presented a variety of songs and made the whole atmosphere melodious.The synchronization of the melodious voices and the instruments was heart-warming and each one of them sang with the same zeal.All the young maestros sang to their level best and made the competition a great success.

The results are:

First position -Pavithra Nair  -   Grade-5 D

Second position – Sophie Pullemplavil& Ishaanvi Datta   Grade -4E & 5D

Third position – Sayona Modi   - Grade- 5F