Date of Upload: 11th July, 2022

Assembly by Grade V - F

Students of 5F presented an assembly on 'EAT HEALTHY, STAY HEALTHY'. The assembly started with the School song, followed by the prayer. Students updated the audience with the latest news. The thought of the day 'Health requires Healthy food' encouraged everyone to think how important it is to choose the right food.

The chocolate dance by girls of the class was energetic and vibrant. Students enjoyed the performance by applauding for the performers. Students presented a skit which helped to understand which food is good to have and which food is to be avoided. The tug of war between healthy food and junk food enabled everyone to easily conclude that junk food should be avoided. The boys performed on a song urging the audience to have healthy food so that they can learn and play.

The assembly was well appreciated by the teachers and students and it was another reminder for all present to opt for a better life style.