Date of Upload: 11th July, 2022

Science Week Celebration

“Everything is theoretically impossible until it’s done. Somewhere, something
incredible is waiting to be known.”

Curiosity has its own reason for existence. Young children are curious by nature and they have a ton of local questions. Their mind truly reflects the attribute of inquisitiveness. With the objective of nurturing scientific skills to discover answers to their questions, Prangan celebrated the Science week from 4th to 8th July. Lot of activities full of excitement and enthusiasm were conducted to make the days exceptionally memorable.

Students shared their creative ideas and solution to everyday challenges through their innovative working and non-working models, exhibits, lively projects and presentations supported by reports, display and research findings. It was heartening to notice that the students had been inspired to conceptualize and initiate their scientific journey with the concern for sustainability and inclusivity.

Students of Grade II narrated beautiful stories on ‘Healthy Food Basket’. Grade III students came beautifully dressed up as fruits and did a fruit parade showing the benefits of different kinds of fruits. It was an extremely fascinating and a joyful sight. Grade IV students astonished everyone when they dressed up as well-known scientists by copying their mannerisms and dressing sense. Grade V students practically demonstrated experiments in various classes. It was such a moment of pride for teachers to witness the live demonstrations by their budding scientists.

The entire event provided a platform for the budding scientists to express their creativity and gain confidence. The Science week celebration also provided a medium for popularizing Science and increasing awareness among all the members about the close relationship between Science, Technology and Society. To conclude the event, all Prangan stakeholders joined hands and raised a common voice that “Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.”