Date of Upload: 2nd July, 2022

Aadhar Academic Orientation and Phonic Workshop

On July 2, 2022, a Phonic Workshop and Academic Orientation was held for the parents of Aadhar, the kindergarten block of The Sanskaar Valley School, as part of the 3 Way Handshake, with parents and teachers working together with the children. The parents were given a preview of what would be accomplished in the classroom over the upcoming months. The teachers' workshop in the classroom covered the transaction approach used at the school. The annual academic orientation program's goal is to assist parents with reinforcing lessons at home in a manner similar to that which is done in the classroom. The focus was on making learning enjoyable and "less stressful" for the child. Numerous teaching tools that were utilised in the classroom were on exhibit, and parents were shown how they might use these tools with their children at home as well. Parents, particularly the Sanskaar family's new members, appreciated the workshop.