Date of Upload: 2nd July, 2022

Just a Minute – Grade IV

“Public Speaking is the art of giving power to words – to influence, inspire and transform lives.”

‘Just a Minute’ competition within the sections of Grade IV that was held on 1st July 2022, bore a witness to the above famous words.  The variety of the topics given, worked well with the passionate and vibrant energy of the energetic participants of Grade IV.  There were three speakers from each section whose efforts were indeed commendable.  

The objective of Just a Minute was to encourage students to think on their feet. All the contestants were eloquent and imaginative in their ideas. They spoke on varied topics. On the whole, it was an impeccably organized (by English Department) and keenly contested event.  The topics were given on the spot and the speakers were judged for content, pronunciation, body language and presentation.  Though, it was their very first attempt they impressed one and all by exhibiting perfect nuances and finer points of the art of Public Speaking. Today’s effort was a small step in enhancing our students’ oratory skills. With many such exposures in the years to come they will be well prepared to face the challenges that await them.


The panel of judges included teachers from Aadhar block Ms.Anita Dawar and Ms.Veechi Malviya who graced the event with their presence. The audience enjoyed the speeches and applauded loudly for their classmates. The positions were bagged 



First Position Vamakshi Malviya- IV E
First Position Jeevisha Jain- IV C
Second Position Darsh Bhargava- IV C
Third Position Aayansh Singh- IV F