Date of Upload: 2nd July, 2022

Story Telling Using Puppets

“Those who tell the stories rule the world”.

Since time immemorial puppetry has proven itself to be a powerful medium of storytelling which not only leaves an impact on students but also strengthens their language skills. Puppets changed the entire classroom by creating more possibilities for creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and curiosity.

Once again stories came alive in Prangan as we had our ‘Story Telling using Puppets’ on 1st July for Grade 2 and 3. Our students were enthralled to narrate their favourite stories in the form of a puppet show. It was a wonderful moment to witness students narrating their favourite stories using hand puppets and finger puppets which they created on their own. 

The squeals and the laughter of the students was the proof of the joy and fun they experienced during the show.