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Date of Upload: 29th April, 2022

Summer Party

“Hear the fish swish, swish, swish, summer at the beach is my wish. Here Comes the Bright Hot Sun, The Summer Season Has Begun. Hip, Hip, Hooray for the Hot Summer Day! Hot day, cool night, summertime, what a delight.”

It was a day full of fun and laughter for the Pranganites as they were all charged up to celebrate the Summer Party on the last working day before summer break. It was a treat to watch them all enter the block in vibrant summer colours and floral prints as the theme of the day. They started the celebration by watching a PPT, learning about the essentials like using sunscreen, umbrellas, sunglasses, hats etc during summer season. They also learnt about importance of keeping themselves hydrated by drinking water and juices. They learnt the health benefits of including fresh fruits in their diet. 

Students got a chance to click amazing pictures at the Selfie corner created specially using cutouts of sun, clouds, ice-creams, juice, sun glasses etc. They relished yummy ‘Ice cream’ and danced to the fullest on the tunes of summer party songs.

It was a great day as the students learnt a lot and enjoyed with their friends and teachers.