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Date of Upload: 29th April, 2022

Musical Assembly Of Shikhar Block

28th April 2022

It was the last day of students in the school before they are all off to a much-awaited summer break; the Music Department organized a Musical assembly on turf ground today at 8:00 am, where some very talented artists of Sanskaar presented some very beautiful as well as rocking presentations in front of the whole Shikhar Block.

It was an innovative concept, and the participants were truly excited to perform some of their favourite songs- - “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift, “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift, “Baarishein” by Anuv Jain.

The performances were a real success and students enjoyed it a lot. It was observed that almost in all songs audience was involving themselves in the program. They were seen enjoying and cheering each performance which led to great encouragement to the participants resulting in producing an even better output.