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Date of Upload: 28th April, 2022

Social Service Visit- Arushi

A student and teacher team of Sopaan visited the not-for-profit organization (NGO), Arushi which focuses on helping the differently abled persons with innovative ideas. The visit was part of the school’s initiative to reach out to the children with special needs, sensitise with their feelings, actions and lend a helping hand to the special ones. The students of Sopaan got the opportunity to interact with the children with different abilities and needs and varied sets of IQ and special abilities.  During the visit the students observed the different ways of training used for helping the differently abled children according to their needs. The purpose of the visit was to help children understand the different sections of the society and sensitize towards creating a helpful and inclusive environment for people around us. An interaction between the children about their common interests and goals gave the students a different perspective. The beautiful DIY work created by the Arushi children was greatly appreciated by everyone.