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Date of Upload: 26th April, 2022

Round Square Postcard on “ Leadership and Music” by Ecole Alsacienne, Paris

A RS Virtual Conference was hosted on 21st April  by Ecole Alsacienne School on ‘Leadership and Music’. It was  an introduction to a very novel concept of relating leadership to music. It taught us that as a leader one has to touch people’s heart as well as make an impact on their intellect. What you say, the lyrics, must tell a meaningful story — and the way you say that story, the music, must resonate in the heart of the listener.

The conference began with images of different schools showing how beautifully the two concepts can be inter-twined to depict leadership and music. This virtual conference posed the question , ‘How can music illustrate the art of leadership?’ and aimed to celebrate the art by establishing a link between music and leadership. Participants were encouraged to explore leadership roles through the eyes of musicians.

The students were  broken into breakout rooms for their Baraza sessions where they were engaged in ice-breaking activities and questions such as what musical instrument we would be and talked about how music, in our routine life, affected us. In the Baraza groups the students discussed about how music inculcates Leadership. Many musical notes were played to help the delegates experience its impact and participants were also explained about Orchestra and its types and role of  leadership in it. They concluded with the thought that leadership is about collaboration and communication and so everyone leads a group in their own way.

Learning different terminologies of music was also a splendid experience. Keynote speakers, Aliisa and Kaija Saariaho enlightened us with how they practice solitary and group leadership in their work as musicians. Louis Langrée taught us the art of presenting an orchestra which was delightful. The participants were allowed to ask these speakers questions at the end which made the conference interactive and informative.

Overall, the conference was a time well spent making new friends from around the globe and learning about topics rarely discussed about.

Let us all be polyphonous!