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Date of Upload: 21st April, 2022

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By developing language awareness in learners, we aim to increase their related reading and writing skills. You can raise language awareness when examining a writer's language choices and the linguistic features of texts, but an even more powerful approach is to raise learners’ awareness of their own language choices.

The students of class 8i wrote an extension of a drama, “Dark Paris”, in their textbook to explore the effect of structural choices in a given script. They first analysed the text and understood the structural choices that the writer has made in this scene and what the effect of each choice. They were asked to read out the drama in the class using voice and gestures. They recognised and understood why a cliffhanger ending was used by the writer. They were made aware of the nuances of script writing using examples.

After this activity the students were asked to write the continuation of the story, imagining as many events as possible including the climax and the end of the play. This can be further extended by


Through this activity learners can :

  • Use voice and gesture to convey character and emotion in a dramatic scene.
  • Analyse how a theme is presented and developed in different texts
  • Comment on the effect of different structural choices in the script
  • Write a dramatic scene, maintaining the voice and personality of the characters.