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Date of Upload: 13th April, 2022

A - Z of International Applications

Mr. Himanshu Dev a higher education and career expert was the guest speaker. Mr. Dev has great experience in working with students on International Applications. He shared his student stories with the parents and students of Grade 9 – 12 who are keen to apply abroad for undergrad. He spoke about the 5 – finger rule in working on applications, i.e. Marks, Test scores, essays and interviews, activities, and is the right fit for the college. He highlighted the fact that it is important to document day-to-day activities and present your life to the university through the essay, the incidents mentioned shouldn’t just be success stories, even failure or small incidents could also be mentioned which has impacted one’s life. The parents and students were inspired and motivated by the stories shared by Mr. Dev and they all longed for more sessions with him.