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Date of Upload: 11th April, 2022

Craft Creation

“Folding a sheet of paper in half is a skill, folding it again is innovation and the craft we create is creativity.”
A craft creation activity - “Origami” was conducted by the Art & Craft department on Friday 08th April for Grade II to V to showcase what they have learned in their craft classes.

Students of classes II & III made objects with simple “origami” by folding a square sheet through folding and sculpting techniques and classes IV & V made objects with “modular origami” by using a number of identical pieces of paper together to form a complete object. The objective of conducting such an activity is to explore the fun of creative learning of paper folding into 2D & 3D objects and to develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills through innovative minds.

Students really enjoyed this paper folding activity, this skill develops artistic thinking and innovative ideas with hand and mind exercises. We received an overwhelming response from the students who definitely look forward to more such activities in the future.