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Date of Upload: 7th April, 2022

Round Square

“The key to the future is one word: sustainability” – Patrick Dixon

The Millennium School in Dubai organised a regional round square collaboration on  the theme "A Sustainable Today for a Resilient Tomorrow". It was discussed via Zoom on April 5th and 6th, 2022, and was based on the Round Square IDEAL of Environmentalism.
The cooperation featured a thought-provoking speech from Ms Neha Sinha, conservation biologist and Head of Conservation and Policy at the Bombay Natural History Society, as well as enlightening Baraza sessions and thrilling workshops on sustainable solutions. Ten students from Sopaan participated in the collaboration.
Upcycled Gift Wrapping, Home Composting, Trash to Treasure, and Art & Craft were among the workshops that the kids attended. Students and teachers participated in a hands-on exercise during the workshop session to ensure that they completed the activity and learned from it. Because this was a collaborative project, their time management and self-control abilities improved. They learned more about the problems that our planet is experiencing and how to solve them. Finally, the children were left with a a lot of information  and an experience about sustainability and the importance of saving our planet Earth for a brighter future.
The most enjoyable aspect of our Round Square was conducting research and allocating work among our classmates through discussion. during the course of  events, the experience of learning to unite our minds to come up with ideas was one to remember and practise in our daily lives.