COVID 19 Admissions Open
Date of Upload: 31st March, 2022

Prangan Class Representatives - Special Assembly

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way."

Successful leaders are driven by a desire to be of service to others and to nurture, guide, develop and help them to improve and succeed. Truly inspired from the ideal of Round Square that is Leadership, the students of Grades 4 & 5 get the opportunity to lead their class as Class Representatives. Every child has the quality to lead and be a leader. A Class Representative is a student who assists the teacher in duties such as maintaining class discipline and leading the class through various activities. They act as a role model for students. The nomination and selection is done by the teachers and Class teacher of the particular section. During a special assembly, the representatives were given badges. They will be trained to keep and maintain records for their class and give their inputs through suggestions to the Head of the Block during their meetings. This gives them an exposure to understand the working of a Student’s Council.

The students will be on rotation basis as every term the Representatives will be changed and thus new Representatives will take over the duties. 

All the best to the First Term Representatives: -


Class Representative

Deputy Class Representative

4 A

Abhigyan Jain

Aashi Dubey

4 B

Sharvil Dangi

Charvi Kotwani

4 C

Jeevisha Jain

Darsh Bhargava

4 D

Mayra Giani

Prabhroop Singh Devgan

4 E

Sophie Pullemplavil

Humaid Akhtar

4 F

Rashmil Raj

Animesh Jain

5 A

Raywa Saboo

Syamantak Choudhury

5 B

Adwaita Garg

Atharv Singh

5 C

Sandali Pawar

Anunay Pathak

5 D

Nivedita Sonee

Kieyan Khanna

5 E

Omnikka Jain

Raghav Pandey

5 F

Jayate Sikariya

Sayona Modi