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Date of Upload: 17th March, 2022

Ballooning Competition

On Friday, 11th March 2022, the students of Shikhar came together for the first inter house competition of the session; the Inter House Ballooning Competition! Ballooning, a staple of Sanskaar, involves selected students randomly receiving a prominent character from popular media, such as sportspersons, actors, writers, politicians and many more. The students must come onto the stage to portray the character’s personality to the best of his/her ability, without resorting to direct mimicry. They are required to get into the skin of their character, and speak for about 3-4 minutes. 

Students enthusiastically took part in the competition, leading to a tough competition. Ultimately, the results were as follows- 

1. Apratim Bharadwaj- First (Satya)

2. Aarya man Dutt- Second (Pragyan)

3. Aarna Saxena- Third (Udyam)

4. Dhruv Gupta (Pravir) & Gouranshi Jain (Pragyan) Consolation