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Date of Upload: 28th December, 2021

Round Square Jaipuria School Eunoia Conference

'SDG 17: Partnership For The Goals-Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.'

A Round Square Conference was hosted by Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Kanpur, on the virtual platform, Zoom on 22nd of December 2021.

The Conference started with an opening ceremony in which Mr. Vinod Malhotra – the chairman of STTAR addressed the gathering.

Dr. Paritosh C. Basu was the keynote speaker who had presented a presentation on Humane and Ethical Dimensions of Digital Transformation and Solution design followed by a Baraza Session in which we had free debates and discussions related to the agenda. 

Students from each school were assigned a specific Baraza group to engage in interactive and fruitful discussions on the keynote speech and sub-topics related to the theme, followed by discussions mainly on topics such as “Sustainable Development” and “SDG:17”. Healthy debates conducted on the topics such as Fuel car Vs Electric car, Solar panels Vs Generators and Individuality Vs Separateness (correlating to the Aid situation between countries during Covid). We discussed about how to make SDG 17 goals more affective especially in India, everyone agreeing to the point made that more and more people should get educated which would lead to awareness amongst the population. We also played fun rounds of Scribble (a drawing game) in which we had to guess what the competitors were drawing. Then to end the conference the guest of honour- Ms. Rajbhir Sandhu, Round Square Schools’ Support director of South Asia and Gulf gave a closing ceremony speech.

The conference was very informative and enriching which instilled us with a sense of awareness, responsibility, priority and commitment towards sustainable development for a bright future.

The best part of this Round Square conference was simply learning and adapting to different perspectives because one can only learn if your worldview keeps shifting to accommodate other opinions and ideas.