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Date of Upload: 27th December, 2021

Grade IV - Class Elections

Somewhere inside of all of us is the power to change the world! -Roald Dahl

Keeping the same lines in mind, the students of Grade 4 enjoyed participating in Class Elections in school and experienced the true spirit of being the citizens of a country. 

During the activity, the class was divided into three teams, each team selected one child as a candidate to participate in the class elections. Few students were appointed as the members of Election Commission. The students came up with amazing names and logos for their parties. The candidates delivered a speech where they showcased their talent of Public Speaking, talking about the positive points about their party. They made colourful placards and did campaigning in the dining hall. They also created their Voter ID cards in Social Studies notebooks by writing their details and pasting their passport size photograph. 

On the day of election, the class was set up as a Polling Station along with the members of Election Commission on duty. The students completed the process of class election by casting their votes and following the guidelines given by the Election Commission. At the end, the votes were counted and results were declared. The candidate who received the maximum votes became the representative of that class.

It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to experience the process of elections which in return helped them to learn the importance of performing their duties. 

It was a treat to watch them all perform the activity with such a lot of fun and in an organized manner. It was a perfect combination of developing imagination, eye-hand coordination and play way learning.