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Date of Upload: 13th December, 2021

Mismatch Day

A 'Mismatch Day' was conducted at Prangan on Friday, 10th November for Grade II – V for fun. Students were urged to wear "mixed up" and "unmatched" clothes. The motto was 'the freakier the better.’ 

Prangan students came out of their comfort zones and came up with new and creative ideas using their imagination and wore clothes to reflect their mismatch personalities. All the children were dressed innovatively to celebrate the 'Mismatch Day'. Not only did they mix up their shirts and pants but did their hairstyles creatively! The aim of the activity was to enable the children to understand the concept of proper dressing and according to the occasion. 

To make it live and more interesting a fashion show was organized where children walked on red carpet showing their creativity. Miss Mis-Match-iest and Mr-Mis-Match-iest titles were won by two students from each section. Passing the Parcel game was enjoyed by the kiddos.

At last, the day ended with a Mis-Match Dance Party, where kids enjoyed doing classical dance on western music western dance on classical music. The day was well celebrated and enjoyed by the students.